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Backapp vs. Conventional office chairs

There are directives for office chairs and which attributes they should have. The Norwegian working environment act states "it should be possible to move the seat and back independently from each other.

This allows for an adaptation to the needs of employees of different height and body types. It should be easy to adjust the office chair while you sit on it. It should be possible to lock the chair into the adjusted positions." The possibility to modify and adapt is important to find a comfortable sitting position, and complex office chairs can often be adapted to fit different individual needs. However, the principle of normal office chairs is that they support the body. The person who sits on the chair will remain passive, and their muscles will become weaker.

In many ways, the Backapp chair contradicts conventional opinions on how good office chairs should work. Instead of having complex modification functions, we have made a chair that follows your body's movements. This leads to an active sitting position, and, opposed to traditional office chairs, Backapp "forces" you to sit correctly - not the other way around! Sitting on the Backapp you exercise and strengthen the supporting muscles of the back. Your body gets stronger and the back functions, as it should.

You need to get used to sitting on the Backapp. It is a training apparatus. To begin with, you may experience some fatigue, and you might feel the need to rest once in a while. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your old office chair until your body has been accustomed to the Backapp. There is however no need to worry: Our customer survey shows there is no problem sitting on a Backapp the entire day, once you are accustomed to the active sitting provided by the Backapp.

You may need to adjust your desk!

On a Backapp, you are seated higher than on normal office chairs. This is because you have your feet placed on the foot ring, and the angle between your torso and thighs is more than 90 degrees. If your desk is too low, you will bend to compensate, and your sitting position will then be incorrect. Therefore you may have to raise your desk. This can be easily done with desk raisers that are designed for this or even just with blocks of wood. Electric height adjustable desks work very well for this andarebecoming more and more affordable. Remember, you do not have to adjust your entire desk; the critical area is where you sit and work.


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