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Ergonomic challenges in sitting work

Today, we sit more than ever before, and sitting, repetitive work is what most men and women go through every day.

This type of work reduces the blood flow, which can lead to sour muscles. This can be troublesome, and can reduce the muscles' flexibility. Also, many tend to fall into an incorrect back-curve, which lead to pressure on neck and shoulder. Over time, this can lead to injuries in the neck and back, especially the lower back.

Some might regard sitting for hours on a chair in front of a computer screen as a normal thing. But the truth is, for our body, this is an unnatural and unwelcome work position. Being psychically alert, while being physically passive, is new to the human body. As result of being mentally active and focused, the muscles are activated, but when the body is being forced to sit still, the energy will be unreleased and may create tension. Over time tensions can lead to injuries.

When you sit on a Backapp, you will get a better balance between the physical and mental activity, due to activation of muscular groups in the back and around the hips. This will in turn reduce many of the negative effects from sitting work. You exercise the muscles while you sit.


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