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Improve the economic results through ergonomics

A study by SINTEF done for NHO shows that each employee absent from work costs the employer on average 1900 NOK for each day absent from work, regardless of occupation. Muscular and skeletal injuries account for almost half of every long-term sick leave in Norwegian enterprises and it also accounts for 1/3 of every early retirement. Preventative efforts to avoid such injuries can hence have a vast positive effect on your business' economic results.

At any time, 12-15% of the workforce suffers from back pain. In Norway, the costs related to back injuries are estimated to approximately 15 billion NOK per year, which is about half of the work-related muscular and skeletal injuries.

The cause behind muscular and skeletal injures are complex, and may be explained by heavy and monotonous work or incorrect work positions or time stress. Conflicts, unhappiness at work and other psychosocial circumstances can have a modifying effect on muscular and skeletal injuries. Thus, although 80% of Backapp users say they have experienced a positive health effect, one should not simplify state that replacing your old chair with a Backapp would solve every problem. We recommend enterprises to have a holistic focus on ergonomics. Backapp should be one of many actions against sick leave at work.

Using Backapp should be one of several measures to prevent injuries at the workplace.


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