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No more back pain

Twenty-one people with lower back pain sat on the Backapp for 1 hour and then on an ordinary office chair with armrests and a backrest for 1 hour. The participants reported the level of lower back pain and overall discomfort every fifteen minutes over the course of the hour. Lower back discomfort (pain) increased significantly while they sat on the ordinary office chair (p=0,05). Their pain also continued to increase over the course of the hour, so the level of significance increased to p=0,01 after 60 minutes. Their overall discomfort was also significantly higher after 60 minutes on the ordinary office chair.


Ergonomics (Volume 56, Issue 4) pages 650-658

"Specific flexion-related low back pain and sitting: comparison of seated discomfort on two different chairs" Mary O'Keeffe, Wim Dankaerts, Peter O'Sullivan, Leonard O'Sullivan & Kieran O'Sullivan 2013.


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