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The patented Backapp technology

Backapp helps you exercise by balancing

The technology of the Backapp products has been thoroughly tested both by average users and by the top scientists in the field of ergonomics.We know it works.

By sitting on Backapp with your feet on the footplate you’re balancing while sitting. You’re balancing on the Magic Ball without your feet touching the ground. You’re balancing just like as when you ride a bike, paddle a kayak, ride a horse or take a walk in the forest. You’re balancing without even thinking about it. The central “core” back muscles are used to balance your body - the balance motor is on.

Balance training increases your energy consumption significantly

The scientific studies show that energy consumption increases significantly when sitting relaxed on Backapp with the magic ball set between the green and red settings. Sitting on Backapp increases your energy consumption by 19 percent compared to an ordinary office chair. Your balance motor  is working.


Improve your posture

Two studies show that it takes less effort to keep correct posture while sitting on Backapp compared to sitting on an ordinary office chair without a backrest. This is why you’re able to sit comfortably on Backapp all day!


You get less back pain

 A scientific study showed that people with lower back pain experienced a reduction in back pain after sitting one hour on a Back App compared to an ordinary office chair. This is logical. You’re sitting with better posture, your balance motor is working, you’re exercising the muscles in your lower back and therefore you get less back pain.



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