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Technical specifications

BACKAPP Smart - Technical specifications       


The seat comes with the following fabrics: 

Nordic Wool - Felt wool
Alcantara - Composite Materials
Palma Breathe - Breathable synthetic leather
Elmosoft - LeatherMaterial specification fabrics


Palma Breathe cleaning instructions
Elmo Cleaning and Protection
Alcantra Stain Removal

Explanation of article numbers

Example art.nr: 1008A9400-9006-0    

The first 4 digits are the type of fabric on the seat

• 1010 / Nordic Wool
• 1008 / Alcantara
• 1005 / Palma Breathe
• 7702 / Elmosoft

Next letter is A:

• This means Backapp Model 2.0 (Aluminium)

The next digit is the color code on the fabric, eg.

• 9400 Black Alcantara

Next digits / letters are type of base:

• 9006 / Silver Grey. Comes standard with red ball
• 7021 / Black Grey. Comes standard with black ball
 • POL / Polished Aluminium. Comes standard with black ball

The next digit is the color of the ball:

• - 0 / Red Ball
• - 1 / Black Ball   

Backapp Smart Wheels

Is made from 99.9% recycled ingot-molded aluminum and comes in Silver Grey. Is suitable for all Backapp 2.0 and all Backapp Office chairs. Place the Backapp chair centrally on the Backapp Wheels.

Backapp 2.0 and Backapp Wheels are assembled in Anderstorp in southern Sweden and almost all parts are produced within a 20km radius.

The function of Backapp and the effects on the body are well documented in scientific studies. Backapp Smart provides the same excellent benefits as the original Backapp chair.   


• Backapp is tested at the accredited furniture testing facilities:

Mechanical safety and durabilty

Mechanical test acc to ansibifma x5-1


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