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Backapp Hipp


Norwegian design. Produced in Sweden.

Backapp Hipp has the same unique Backapp technology as Backapp Smart.

Ergonomic chair for offices, home offices, meeting rooms etc.

Hipp - The Backapp health effect available to everyone by use of modern technology. The ergonomic seat is soft and flexible. Backapp Hipp is made of recyclable materials, which easily can be dismantled for recycling.

On Backapp Hipp you sit with your feet on a footrest padded with a soft damping material. The sitting position and the gentle motion ensure a wonderful sitting experience. This is a chair that gives you something extra.

The gentle movement of the Backapp exercises the muscles that support the spine. The movement when sitting on the Backapp comes about because you constantly have to balance yourself.

Backapp is available from several retailers
See them here. Price from: € 384 Excl. VAT


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