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Ergonomics are important in the home office

Buy the Backapp Smart and try it for up to 30 days


Ergonomics is key in maintaining office fitness!

Buy the Backapp Smart and try it for up to 30 days


With Backapp in your office you are balanced and active throughout the whole day

Buy the Backapp Smart and try it for up to 30 days


Meetings with movement are more creative!

Buy the Backapp Smart and try it for up to 30 days


With Backapp in the office, you activate your back and neck muscles while sitting!

Buy the Backapp Smart and try it for up to 30 days

Backapp Balance

A completely different sitting experience

When you sit on the Backapp Smart or Backapp Hipp and balance on the adjustable ball, “The Magic Ball,” with your feet on the foot ring, you activate the balance motor in your body, which has the following effects:


You exercise while you're sitting

You improve your posture

You feel reduced / less back pain

You burn at least 19% more energy

Materials are selected for ease of recycling

Backapp Smart ergonomic office chair and Backapp Hipp ergonomic office chair

News! Backapp Hipp.

Backapp 360

For standing, add our Backapp 360 Balance Board!

Backapp 360 allows you to balance gently on a cushioned material - with 360 degree movement. Additionally, you can easily adjust the amount of movement to your preference. Your body enjoys the following benefits when using the Backapp 360:


You exercise your ankles, hips and back

You improve your posture

You improve the circulation in your entire body

Backapp 360 balance board

"The BackApp Smart naturally tilts your hips down which removes all lower back stress. Awesome ergonomic engineering! It doesn't hurt that it's also a beautiful design and an extremely comfortable seating surface. #BestDeskChairEver"

Gil, AlpineLogic

"The Back App chairs are amazing! Even after a few days of using it, I could feel the difference in my posture as muscles – unknown to me before – started to work to hold my back in a straighter position. The seat is comfy and the whole family loved the wobble effect. I can only recommend the Back App chair highly!"

Dora Roszik-Csendes

"I have a Back App chair in my clinic and recommend it to patients with lower back, neck problems as well as headaches and stiff shoulders. It’s a great chair to help improve posture."

Gillian Brown

How to use Backapp Smart

Revolutionary results!

We have conducted extensive research to show that the Backapp system works. What do our users say about their experience? 70 employees at a reputable research company in Finland tested it, and the results were amazing!


Stronger back guarantee

We guarantee you will build a stronger back when you sit properly on a Backapp Smart over time. If you don’t experience improvement after using it for 30 days, you can return the chair and have your money refunded (certain restrictions apply).


Buy & Try Backapp

It may sound too good to be true, but we will provide free shipping of our products to you, so that you can experience them, risk-free.


Feel the difference - here's how it works

Backapp Smart

Backapp 360

Meet the man who invented
Backapp and developed a strong and healthy back!

After years of suffering with back problems from sitting on standard ergonomic office chairs, I had to endure several back operations. After the second surgery, I got the idea to develop the Backapp; an entirely new design for an ergonomic work chair that enables you to sit in the “neutral spine” positions, where your upper body is perfectly aligned with an open hip angle.

Now I use the Backapp as the only office chair in my daily work. The exercise from sitting on the Backapp has changed my life. It is part of my daily exercise to take care of my back. I am healthy again and can sit at my desk very comfortably for hours at a time.

From the scientific studies we have conducted, it is evident that the Backapp ergonomic office system has the potential to alleviate and even correct back problems. For me, it was the most important catalyst in relieving my back pains. Scientists now confirm the same experience with tens of thousands of Backapp users.

– Dr. Freddy Johnsen

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