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278 users

Overview from Report of Users Survey 2009-03-27

After selling 13000 chairs Prognett AS sent a questionnaire to 605 persons who had bought Backapp. The survey had 278 approved replies, (almost 50%). It left the following conclusions:

Where do you use Backapp?
Most of the users used Backapp in the office (more than 69%). 11% bought another Backapp to use at home.

Can you sit on Backapp the whole day?
39,6 % said that they choose Backapp all the time when they choose to sit. This proves that it is possible to use Backapp as the only chair in the office after a period of training.

Why do people buy Backapp?
Surprisingly many said that they bought the chair to prevent disorders, for exercise and ensure correct seating. 64 % said that they bought the chair because they had problems in the back/neck or hip regions.

Did you receive any positive health effects from seating on Backapp?
As many as 76,6 % said that they had experienced a significant positive health effect by sitting on Backapp. More than 26% said that they had become stronger and 10% said that they experienced more surplus energy. Almost 50% said that they had less pain and many said that they were not so afraid of getting pains any more (this occurs once the pains have subsided).

Will you recommend Backapp to other people?
As many as 96% said that they would recommend Backapp to other people.


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