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Guarantee of effects

We guarantee that you will strengthen your back while you are using a Backapp 360. If you do not agree or are otherwise dissatisfied after 30 days, you can return the board and get your money back! The board must be returned undamaged and in its original packaging. The purchaser pays for freight. You must include the “Why I am returning the board” form. The form is delivered with the board.

Product guarantee

The guarantee covers five years of normal use. Normal use means use at the office or at home by persons weighing 110 kg or less.

The guarantee covers manufacturing defects and the replacement of any damaged parts.

Backapp requires defects to be reported in Backapp’s claim system. The following is required to approve a claim:

1. Picture(s) of the defect
2. Picture of the label on the board with the production date and serial number
3. Declaration of normal use of the board

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