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Palma Breathe

High-quality material with a fine-structured calf leather grain and a subdued printing. The material is all-purpose and especially suitable for the contract area, for public buildings and institutions.

Product Characteristics

Flame retardant to:

NF-P 503 class M2,

EN 1021-1+2, BS 5852 IS 0+1,

DIN 53438-2+3, DIN 4102-1 B2,


FMVSS 302, ISO 3795, DIN 75200, directive 95/28/EG


Particularly easy to care for

Pleasantly soft



Good tear and extension strength

Resistant to urine and blood

Resistant to disinfectants

Material composition:

approx. 89% PVC-compound

approx. 11% CO/PES knitted fabric

Weight:                         g/m2                           800

Thickness                      mm                         1,35

Maximum tensile force MD

EN ISO 1421                                                N 270,000

Maximum tensile force AMD   

EN ISO 1421                                                N 180,000

Tear strength MD

DIN EN ISO 4674-1 B                                    N 20,000

Tear strength AMD

DIN EN ISO 4674-1 B                                    N 15,000

Colour fastness to rubbing [dry]

DIN/EN/ISO105-X 12                                    GM-Stu 4,500

Colour change of surface [dry]

DIN/EN/ISO105-X 12                                    GM-Stu 4,500

Colour fastness to rubbing [wet]

DIN/EN/ISO105-X 12                                    GM-Stu 4,000

Colour change of surface [wet]

DIN/EN/ISO105-X 12                                    GM-Stu 4,000

Abrasion resistance (Martindale) dry

DIN EN ISO 5470-2                                       51.200cycles


Suitable for many types of upholstering and covering in the upholstery industry. Particularly well-suited for use in the fashion-oriented residential and contractual sector and in public buildings and facilities as well as in the medical and fitness industries.

Easy to use in accordance with normal procedures (sewing, stapling, gluing, nailing). Please don`t use dyed or solvent adhesives.

Storage recommendations

Protect against direct sunlight and light. Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature of 20+/-10°C.

Cleaning recommendations

For the long-lasting enjoyment of your Palma Breathe material, please clean regularly. For this,use a warm, mild soap solution and a microfiber cloth or a soft hand brush. Stains caused by oils, greases and dyes must be removed immediately. Please do not use any abrasive cleaning agents, organic solvents or preparations (e.g. polishing agents, chemical cleaning agents). Please note that stains due to jeans or other materials are excluded from any manufacturer`s

Special instructions

Our written and verbal application technology recommendations, which we submit on the basis of our experience in accordance with the latest technology, are non-binding. They do not release the buyer from the responsibility of testing the suitability of our products for the intended application. This applies in particular to components which are processed together with our product and their compatibility with one another when they are combined.

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