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Tekniska Specifikationer

Backapp Hipp
Light weight stool, mainly made from recycled plastics, easily dismanteled for resirculation.

Injection molded high strength, low flexibility Black Grey fiberglass enforced PP (polypropylene) compund.

Injection molded with a soft skin in TPE around a PP core pressed onto a steel bolt. By turning the ball you can increase or decrease the degree of tilting movement the chair gives you while in use. Counter clockwise you get more movement, clockwise less movement.

Damping ring
The dampening ring under the footrest is made of soft TPE rubber that ensures a smooth movement.

Pneumatic Cylinder
The stroke range is 260 mm / 10,2” with 300 Newton pressure, capable of carrying persons up to 250 lbs.

Seat Support incl. height adjustment
Injection molded high strength, low flexibility fiberglass enforced PP housing with PP actuator handle to raise and lower seat.

Seat top
Made of injection molded soft touch, high strength, high flexibility PP. Flexible under the thighs and around the rear rim to increase suitability for different people. Ventilated and comfortably shaped to fit the human anatomy.

Overall height 650 - 910 mm / 26” - 35.8”
Overall width 500 mm / 16,96”
Sitting height 560 - 820 mm / 22” - 32.3”
Seat width 400 mm / 15,75”
Seat depth 353 mm / 13,9”
Weight 4,7 kg, 10,4 lbs

Five (5) years limited warranty for normal use (8 hours per day) of persons weighing up to 250 lbs. Tested to EN 16139:2013 Furniture - Strength, durability and safety standards

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