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Backapp chair + Backapp 360 Balance board - is true!


The perfect solution for the office!


Backapp 360 is different from all the other balance boards:

The movements are gentle and can be fine-tuned, something that makes 360 both comfortable and secure at the same time.
Backapp 360 is based on the same technology as the Backapp chair. Twist on the magic ball to increase balance training.  It improves your posture and works your hip and leg muscles the most.

When you are sitting on the chair, you are mostly exercising your back muscles. This is why the chair and balance board complement each other perfectly.

New experiments with the Backapp chair and the Backapp 360 Balance board show that:

  • Problems with back pain and neck/shoulder pain were reduced by more than 35%.
  • Fewer headaches
  • Employees had less fatigue
  • Work performance sharply improved. Before the experiment, 50% of the employees rated their work performance as high. After 6 months with the Back App chair and Back App 360, that number rose to two-thirds.


You can find all of the results in the “Results Field Trial Finland” report

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