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I was suffering from back pain


I have had problems with my back and neck since I was 30 years. I tried all things to recover and went regularly to the chiropractor to treat the neck and the low back.

In 1994 the situation escalated quickly and I got a herniated disc between L4 and L5. I had problems to walk and stand and had to accept to do a surgery to remove the problem. The surgery was unsuccessful and in 2001 I had to repeat the surgery, this time with more modern tools; micro surgery. Coming home from the second surgery I was eager to exercise as I always have been. I woke up a Sunday in June to do my exercise. Coming to the end of the bed is said to me: 

“Freddy you can sit on the Balance Board”

I was totally surprised and said to myself. “It is impossible to sit on the Balance Board. Dangerous. I can hardly stand on the Balance Board”. But as the inventor and the scientist I am I decided to try.

I did this: I picked up my duvet from the bed which was filled up with a thick layer of small feathers (Norwegian type), found my Balance Board and a simple stool and went up to the dining room. There I folded the duvet two times to make a thick layer of soft material, put the balance board on top and the stool on the balance board. Now the soft duvet material supported the underside of the Balance Board.

So I moved myself carefully into the stool, found the balance point and move my feet onto the Balance Board. 
Sitting there on the Balance Board I felt a gentle movement in my lower back.

I said to myself: “This is something”!

Dr. Freddy Johnsen

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