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Improve your balance and work your core while standing during desk work!


Backapp 360 - a completely different balance / motion board

Backapp 360

The movement is gentle and adjustable, making the 360 safe and comfortable at the same time.
This allows you to balance in all directions and keep your body active throughout the day, and it all happens effortlessly and intuitively.

  • New Design for 2020: Red, White and Dark Gray seat colors.
  • You exercise your ankles, legs, hips and back
  • You achieve a better attitude by maintaining a balanced posture
  • You improve circulation throughout the body

Backapp 360
is based on the same technology as the Backapp Smart Chair. When you stand on Backapp 360, you improve your posture and you exercise your ankles, legs, hips and back.

Norwegian Design, produced in Anderstorp, Sweden
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