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Less pains in shoulders and neck. Less headaches


Results from Field trial in Finland 2017

The field trial hosted by the insurance company LähiTapiola main office in Espoo Helsinki (www.lahitapiola.fi). The field trial was headed by Tuukka Nieminen in Motivire OY (www.motivire.fi). 

  • 70 Participants filled in a questionnaire at September 1st 2016.
  • They left their former office chair behind and used Backapp Chair and Backapp 360
  • After 6 months, they reported effects of Backapp Chair and Backapp 360.

In the questionnaire, they were asked: 

Which of the following do you feel almost weekly?

  • Lower back pain/stiffness
  • Shoulder and neck pain/stiffness
  • Headaches before or after work
  • None of the above


The positive effects on lower back pain was expected.

Of the 70 participants as many as 39 reported shoulder and neck pain/stiffness before the trial. After sitting on Backapp chair and standing on Backapp 360 for 6 months the number of people reporting shoulder and neck pain/stiffness was reduced to 24. And number of participants having headaches before or after work decreased from 18 to 10. Pains in the neck and shoulder area many times give headaches. That is experienced by most of us.

Of course, the number of participants having no pains in lower back and neck and no headaches increased. It almost doubled from 16 to 30 persons.

We have to study this more. More people had problems with shoulders and neck than in the lower back. Effects on headaches have not been studied in scientific studies. Sitting and standing on Backapp chair and Backapp 360 give better posture. In combination with the balancing (small movements) you exercise the back supporting muscles. Based on the results from the field trial, scientific studies should be conducted in order learn more about the effects!

Published studies:

Manual Therapy (Volume 17, Issue 6) Pages 566-571

"Can we reduce the effort of maintaining a neutral sitting posture? A pilot study". Kieran O'Sullivan, Raymond McCarthy, Alison White, Leonard O'Sullivan & Wim Dankaerts 2012.

Ergonomics (Volume 55, Issue 12) pages 1586-1595

"Lumbar posture and trunk muscle activation during a typing task when sitting on a novel dynamic ergonomic chair". Kieran O'Sullivan, Raymond McCarthy, Alison White, Leonard O'Sullivan & Wim Dankaerts 2012.


Results from field trial; Which of the following do you feel almost weekly?


Before the trial

End of trial

Before the trial

End of trial






Lower back pain/stiffness





Shoulder and neck pain/stiffness





Headaches before or after work





None of the above






All results are in “Results Field Trial Finland”, click here to download.

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