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Great News - Introduction of Backapp HIPP


We are pleased to present a new ergonomic office chair - the Backapp HIPP!

Our documented effect shows that many people enjoy health benefits from using Backapp-products. A sedentary workday is replaced with movement and energy.

Backapp is part of the office of the future!

We believe it is our corporate social responsibility to make Backapp technology available to everyone!

Backapp HIPP contains the unique Backapp technology protected by technical patents.

Our premium product - the Backapp Smart has more than 100,000 happy users worldwide. We want to make the Backapp health advantages available for more people by introducing an entry level Backapp.


  • Ergonomic chair for offices, home offices, meeting rooms etc.
  • The seat form is ergonomic and fits to the body
  • The seat plate is soft and flexible
  • The seat is comfortable without foam or fabric
  • The unique damping device ensure soft movements
  • The adjustable ball makes it possible to adjust the challenge
  • Materials are selected for ease of recycling
  • Minimal amounts of materials are used - environmentally friendly
  • Parts can simply be disassembled for recycling

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