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Backapp Hipp


Norwegian design. Produced in Sweden.

Backapp Hipp has the same unique Backapp technology as Backapp Smart.

Ergonomic chair for offices, home offices, meeting rooms etc.

The Backapp Hipp chair is designed as a simple but very innovative sitting tool with proven positive health effects for anybody, whether you are recovering from muscle-skeletal disorders or simply want to build a stronger core while sitting and protecting your spine from potential damage from sitting. The dampening ring and adjustable motion ball ensures that you always have slight movement while sitting, while keeping your spine in perfect balance. It gives you a dramatically different sitting experience unlike any other chair and even helps you burn calories while working at your desk.

Have some fun, get some exercise while you’re working in a perfectly balanced spine position, relieving stress on your back and upper body.

Try the Hipp chair with the 360 Balance board for a complete sit and stand working experience. Your body will thank you for it.

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