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Balance Motor

What is Balance?

Physiological Description:

”The ability to align body segments against gravity to maintain or move the body(center of mass) within the available base of support without falling; the ability to move the body in equilibrium with gravity via interaction of the sensory and motor systems”

Bio Technical Description:

“Balance is an ability to maintain the line of gravity (vertical line from centre of mass) of a body within the base of support with minimal postural sway”

What is the balance motor?

The muscle activity needed to move slightly to keep your body in balance is referred to as the “balance motor”.

Backapp is balance training

By sitting on Backapp with your feet on the footplate you’re balancing while sitting. You’re balancing on the ball without touching the ground with your feet. You’re balancing in the same way as when you ride a bike, paddle a kayak, ride a horse or take a walk in the forest. You’re balancing without even thinking about it. The balance motor is working and you train the muscles in your lower back.

The energy consumption increases significantly when you sit on Backapp!

The scientific studies show that the energy consumption increases drastically when sitting on BacaApp with the Magic Ball set between green and red settings. The study shows that the energy consumption when sitting on an ordinary chair was 78,8 kcal per hour. Sitting on Backapp it was 93,8 kcal per hour – an increase of 19 percent. Standing compared to sitting on an ordinary chair increases the energy consumption by 15 percent. Why does your energy consumption increase that much when sitting on Backapp? Because your balance motor is running. The body is working, you exercise your central back muscles, you improve your posture and get less back pain.


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