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I must say I am very satisfied with the BackApp Smart chair! My ongoing low back issues that have been aggravated by sitting have subsided by 50% from using this chair, with an additional 30% improvement when adjusting from sitting to standing position. The open hip angle and saddle design enables me to sit with a neutral spine, which has noticeably reduced the load on my spine and lessened the numbness and tingling that I previously experienced while using other chairs. I also tried chairs from OM, RFM Seating, Hag, and the BackApp chair definitely works best for me. Swati Patel, PT, DPT Certified Hand Therapist Board Certified Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Swati Patel

I work for a highly known motivational speaker who uses the Back App chair exclusively. We found out right before an event that his chair was broken and we'd need a new one in just a few short days. The top notch customer service team, especially Sverre, helped me within hours to get the chair delivered in time for a huge event in Las Vegas. I could not be happier with the product or the customer service- all of you really saved the day. Thank you!

Brittany Finch, Robbins Research International

I sit many days for 10-18 hours per day, typing away at the keyboard. Until I found the BackApp chair I was regularly suffering from lower back problems. Over the last 6 months since purchasing the chair, I have had zero chiropractic visits. It is extremely comfortable. All other chairs tilt your pelvis / hips up which winds up pulling on your lower back. The BackApp chair naturally tilts your hips down which removes all lower back stress. Awesome ergonomic engineering! It doesn't hurt that it's also a beautiful design and an extremely comfortable seating surface. #BestDeskChairEver

Gil, AlpineLogic

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