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Environment certificates

Oeko-Tex Certificate
NEPD Backapp Smart balance chair (EN)
NEPD Backapp Wheels (EN)
NEPD Balance board (EN)

Test certificates

Mechanical Test
Mechanical Safety and Durability
Nordic Wool test report (zip)
Alcantara test report (zip)
Elmosoft test report (zip)

Scientific Papers

Aoife Synnott, Wim Dankaerts, Jan Seghers, Helen Purtill & Kieran OSullivan (2017) The effect of a dynamic chair on seated energy expenditure Ergonomics DOI

O'Keeffe et al 2013- Specific flexion-related low back pain and sitting Comparison of seated discomfort on two different chairs

O'Sullivan et al 2012 - Can we reduce the effort of maintaining a neutral sitting posture A pilot study

O'Sullivan et al 2012 - Lumbar posture and trunk muscle activation during a typing task when sitting on a novel dynamic ergonomic chair

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